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Intercultural Musical Evening – 1001 Actions for Dialogue

Within the concept of 2008 declared European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, the House of Europe in Rhodes in collaboration with the Anna Lindh Foundation, of which it is a member, has realized a number of events aiming to promote the Intercultural Dialogue with culture as its means.

Participating in the Anna Lindh Foundation Program “1001 Actions for Dialogue” it has organized an: Intercultural Musical Evening,  hosted in the Byzantine Museum, former Medieval Cathedral known as Panaghia tou Kastrou, with free entrance.


The European Choir of the Musical School of Rhodes. Conductor of the choir: Michalis Kalaentzis. Piano: Konstantina Kavouriadou. Singing:

Vois sur ton Chemin, Christophe Barratier, Bruno Coulais, from the movie “Τhe Children of the Choir” – Mid The Oak trees, Zoltan Kodaly – Τhe Crickets, music by Linos Kokotos – lyrics of Odysseas Elytis, from his songs cycle «Trefoil of the Sea» – The Cildren on the Plain, by Μanos Hatzidakis from the Sweet Movie – Sleep my Angel, by Μickis Theodorakis, from «Τhe Song of the Dead Brother» – Siyahamba, Αfrican martial song.

Piano: Eleni Tsikritsaki, Lute and Lyre: Antonis Symixis

La paloma, Pentozali (Κonstantinidis), Sousta from Rhodes, Μandilatos, Luna Rosa.

Singing:Ζoe Kokkala-Κarayianniou Guitar: Dimitris Gheorgallidis

From a foreign place, Traditionnal song from Asia Minor, Εrotokritos Traditionnal song poetry by Vitsentsos, Las Morillas de Jaen Anda Jaleo, from the «13 Spanish Songs» of Lorka.

Piano: Petros Tsimberopoulos

Sonata:Quasi una fantasia Adagio sostenuto by L.V. Beethoven

Singing:Εvanthia Kritikou

Piano: Petros Tsimberopoulos,Moon River Scarborough Fair,Complante De La Butte

Singing:Εugene Chardavellas, O Sole mio

Violoncello: Despina Spanou

Guitar:Νikos Ziarkas Bass: Theodoros Ziarkas

Singing: Πέτρος Petros Tsimberopoulos Questo piccolo grande amore, Claudio Baglioni Margherita, Riccardo Cocciante.

Get acqainted with the musicians

Michalis Kalaentzis, Music Professor, Choir Director

Petros Tsimberopoulos, Music Professor and Professor of Superior Music Theoretics, Piano soloist

Eleni Tsikritsaki, Piano Professor

Konstantina Kavouriadou, Piano Professor

Ζoe Kokkala-Κarayianniou , Soprano, Solo Professor at the Rhodes Municipal School of Music

Εvanthia Kritikou, Solo Student of the Rhodes Municipal School of Music

Dimitris Gheorgallidis, Classical Guitar Soloist

Εugene Chardavellas, Professor of Byzantine Music at the Musical School of Rhodes

Antonis Symixis, Lute and Lyre Graduate

Despina Spanou, Student of the Musical School of Rhodes

Νikos Ziarkas , Student of the Musical School of Rhodes

Theodoros Ziarkas, Student of the Musical School of Rhodes