You are between 18-30 years old and want to discover the Europe in the most direct and interesting way - by travelling.

You want to meet new people, learn from their experiences and explore with them.

You want to learn and educate yourself without being dependent on institutions and their constraints.

You are concerned about society issues and want to build an united Europe through meetings and understanding.

If you answer Yes on one of these statements, you are absolutely right here! You are a WINGYA!

Wingya is about travelling and hosting but it is NOT Couchsurfing, nor B’n’B… Because it’s much more! It provides an opportunity to get in touch with other young people who are open minded, curious and ready to explore and learn about Europe.

Still with us?
Great! To start, read our guidelines and you’re good to go!Great! To start, read our "HOW TO", be sure to agree to our "GUIDELINES" and you're off! Wing your life with WINGYA.

What is the history about WINGYA?
Through a democracy camp hosted by Europe houses and founded by ERASMUS, youngsters from Romania, Sweden, Greece and Germany met and wanted to find a tool to make Europe smaller and make travelling cheaper, we ended up with WINGYA. Our own tool for youngsters to explore, learn and meet through an exchange.