Understanding, by Fredrik Nilsson

When we started the project we didn’t really know what we had before us. we didn’t have a clue to be honest…

In the beginning off a project you really never know whats going to happen. you may have an idea or a thought but nothing more. When in entered the project i really didn’t have so much expectations. (i didn’t know what to expect)

Maybe thats why i find the results of the project so incredible. I think i would have been surprised even with high expectations from the beginning. but I’m so happy with the results.

I have met friends for life! Im always updated whats happening in Europe (East,Weast,Nort and South) I don’t need to 100% rely on the media I’m being showed, now i have real connections to get information of whats happening.

We have been meeting a lot of culture clashes, (in a fun way) And im pretty sure that its when we learn some about our differences we have even more easier to se what we have in common. in that way we strengthen the bound between us!

I know for sure that this project have been making Europe a little bit smaller, not in the geographical way (that would have been silly) but in a theoretical way in our heads.

We now have much more understanding for each other, and thats for me the biggest question we have to handle in EU. how can we unite? instead of closing up and going backwards… I’m sure that if we understand each other we will never have any more problems, with understanding respects comes. and respect is what we need to show!