Camp Democracy Rhodes, by Marcus Gard

Hi, my name is Marcus and this text is about the journey to Rhodes. It´s an Erasmus + exchange project between Sweden, Germany, Romania and Greece whit the purpose to make Europe smaller. We arrived at night to the small town Monolithos. When we got there, we got our rooms where we ended up with the participants from the other countries. It was exciting and a little bit nervous because we didn’t know each other. But it turned out to be both educational and fun.

The first few days, we got to know each other and began various mini projects that had a little different kind of focus. It was quite a lot of ideas about what different sort of issues everyone wanted to lift, but in the end, it had opened various groups that worked with their idea. There were participants from those four countries in almost every group. But even some exchange between groups when it was needed.

During the various working sessions, we had learned more and more about how it worked in different countries and some changes there are. During the free time when you could talk freely about what showed up you learned much. There are differences between the countries and we have much to learn from each other. But from my part, it feels like we have a lot in common that would benefit many if you learned about how it is in other places and at the same time able to get Europe to shrink a bit. What I took with me most from the trip are the new friends and got a lot of knowledge about various social issues.