Camp Democracy – aftermath, by Bogdan Mihai Mocanu

You know that moment when you have doubts regarding the confidence in your own strenght? I believe that I overcome these doubts and fears everytime I can relly on my team. People around me, not only from Camp Democracy have this drive to do more than average for our society. This is what motivates to do more and to engage more in the porogress of our society.

In Rhodes, being the starting point of this project, we ecouraged one another and shared experiences, expertise and knowledge on matters relevant to our project and also the personal things that made us how we are today. Everyone had his input in the development of the camp’s projects and the ideas starting to appear from the very first day. Ideas on how to tackle our faulty education systems or how to create a more personal connection between travellers and also how to involve more in our communities were the main priorities for the next leg of our journey, Sweden.

Rhodes was for me very important because of the people I met there. One more time in Sweden, the motivation and enthusiasm from these beuatiful human beings made me to push myself a little more. I am very grateful for meeting them.

My hopes are greater now because this project thought me that we can make a difference in our communities and societies if we gather in the right teams. If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. And my plan is not to go alone, I have an awesome team next to me.