What I learned on Camp Democracy, by Angela Salden

When I decided to apply for Camp Democracy, I didn’t really know what it might be about. I just had a rough guess about it.

But right now, what turned out, it is really great!

We got to know each other in Rhodes, Greece, and spent about one week together. During this time, everybody and even the country was new to me.
But when we arrived in Sweden, it was like a reunion. We had stayed in contact during those months after having left Greece.

When we arrived in our training place in Sweden, we could decide on our roommate ourselves (differently to Greece, where we were mixed up internationally). But the time with my roommate back in Rhodes was so great, that we decided to share a room in Sweden again J.

Especially in Sweden, I learned a lot about politics and I was discussing with other participants about several topics. Even in the group of our German delegation, we had quite a lot of discussions on educational topics, social engagement, society and so many further topics, I don’t remember all of them.

This Camp Democracy was not only about our group tasks we were talking about. There was so much more! It was about the cultural background I could experience during these months. It was also about different life-styles and perceptions and fun. There was so much more than just discussing on developing democracy.

I think, when we go on with this project, we will all become some kind of a family. We will already know each other quite much and we will know how people think and what is important for them.

I think when we go on with this project, there can be so many more great experiences and so cool discussions. I am really much looking forward to the next part of Camp Democracy J.