Travelous experience, by Oliver Spriestersbach

There are so many amazing moments waiting for you when you take part of one of those international erasmus+ projects. Exciting moments, strange moments, Β instructive moments, and many more. Maybe you’ve recognized yourself in one of those situations. Maybe you have experienced all of them. But in case you haven’t, Β go and apply for a erasmus+ project – it is totally worth it!

This is not supposed to be a summary of our Camp Democracy schedule, I will try to describe you two exciting things which happend beside the official program – Β even if you are not expecting them.

  1. Meetings strangers – leaving friends.

True – it is hard to apply for a week without knowing the other participants. Leaving a comfort zone is always hard. But try it! You have the chance to travel to unknown places and meet new people. In the beginning it might be a meeting of strangers but in the end you are leaving a group of friends.

Don’t try to find excuses. Not being fluent in English is not counting. Communication is not all about language. Financial issues? Check the prices first – it might be less than you are expecting.

Let your journey begin πŸ˜‰

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2. Learning – all day.

Sometimes learning is quite simple. And again I don’t mean the official program. During an erasmus+ event you are learning all day – sometimes during the official sessions – but the rest of the day incidentally. Talking to other people from different countries is learning. So while you are enjoying a short break (and the sun/snow) and talk to other participants you are gaining knowledge – by accident. During our time in Rhodes (Greece) we talked a lot about the Greek society – not only because Greek delegates always where late.

Those guys are always late:

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In Sweden we learned a lot about the Swedish society- and ice fishing and why snow is actually quite useful.

Swedish style ? is a Swedish now #beer #sweden #snow

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Every journey comes to an end – but Camp Democracy hopefully not yet. Thank all of you guys for those amazing experiences! Hope to see you at the Camp Democracy Part II.