The magic of being together, by Sandy Familonidou

Being an active European citizen, for me taking part in this program is an exciting challenge. It is really interesting and extremely inspiring to be a part of this youth exchange and interact with young people from other countries. It is only the exchange of views and the deeper knowledge of different cultures, that will help us come closer to our identity and extend our horizons.

Being a participant in Camp Democracy I believe that the union of cultures strengthens culturalism and I think that this program is great opportunity to meet new people, new ideas and other ways of thinking. This program is more than travelling. Is about working with European people from other countries, with different backgrounds, cultures and ethics.

It is very interesting to co operate with persons that you met for first time and in the end of week you had created a beautiful result. Ι’m really glad to be a part of the group, a part of the union with the pros and the cros.