Testimonial, by Andrei Alexandru Micu

Camp Democracy has been since the beginning an edible simulation of the EU life both in the Balkan Rhodian Island and Scandinavian Glantan plant. The atmosphere of perpetual debate on how each of the 4 countries (Germany, Greece, Romania and Sweden) do perceive the most recent problems the EU and particularly each of them is facing proved to be a vivid exchange of good practices. Throughout the entire program, we were able to analyse the European construction from both citizen, civil society and institutional paradigm, grace to the expertise of the guests and the general framework of activities.

Having out own initiatives started came in handy to this general perception of European life together teaching us about what solidarity means in terms of achieving a unity in diversity. We were said from the early beginning that each of the member states cannot face the rising odds alone, thus EU is not only about free-trade agreements and custom unity, but also about European spirit and mainland`s mentality about its own development in the long term. Camp Democracy have successfully managed to bring West, North, East and South together determining each of us to differently understand the idea of alterity and switch off from geopolitics, statistics and societal stereotype.

Europe is not about reducing national identities but about bringing the together in a borderless territory of shared values. Democracy is what Europe has achieved throughout epochs no matter how fierce history proved to be. Camp Democracy`s spirit lies in the European values of undeniable commitment to democracy, freedom and human rights. As the youth, we must be committed to preserving this thorough socio-political heritage. Europe is Europe because we dismantled rising nationalism and stood together like one. Having European family built on this involvement basis there is not able to neutralise the benefits of a life together, simply Camp Democracy is an evidence of how far we went on this integrationist path.

All in all, Camp Democracy demonstrated us that space is no more an obstacle in terms of mentality and shared values: being a European means to assume a common identity and build a stronger Europe together, alone we are vulnerable while together we are empowered. Camp Democracy proved to be a forum for inter-subjectivity for us, the member of civil society and maybe future decision-makers. Last but not least, commitment is the main lesson I learnt in the picturesque Rhodes and in the Northern Gavleborg.