My experiences, opinions, marks on Camp Democracy, by Dimitris “Sven” Christoloukas

Europe nowadays has many challenges, threats to face and many obstacles to overcome, the union itself struggles to keep its stability. Yet, its people are working non-stop to make the European dream come true. One of their actions is making programs and institutions that promote the exchange of ideas, cultures and much more. One of these programs is Erasmus(+), and its side-programs like Camp Democracy(1). All the people, every person on this planet has various and different reasoning and ideals. Me as an individual believe that this program, our program, is quite promising and one of the best project to be part of.

The intercultural exchange of ideas, reasons, languages and experiences are some of the many examples that can be given that promote the unity of the people on the European continent. Many steps have to be done in order to succeed this kind of communication. The countries that co-exist in the current program are the four cornerstones of the geography of EU (Germany, Greece, Romania, Sweden) and thus we had four entirely different cultures cooperating and making some products through team-working. Each person learned and  absorbed many things from the others. As a fact, it’s impressive watching people of completely different ideologies becoming friends, talking and making fun activities together. A part of our work is already in the open, published, and we believe that it is going to help in the progress of the union to feel united and cooperative.

Furthermore, on a personal level I believe that this program should be the starting point for many more program like this. The promotion of the unity should be one of the most sensitive parts of the European union but it’s quite uncared of. Even though EU does great efforts to tackle financial and political problems it puts aside the meaning of the union and people’s feelings to feel the European spirit. As a conclusion, this kind of program should be promoted and spread across Europe in order for youngsters to feel more European and see for themselves how promising is that they get to meet so many characters and how many different kinds of people exist on this world and see for themselves what it means to live in Europe.