Half road to a better future… by Melania Radulescu

I will start my presentation by remembering the moment when I saw the application form, I filled in and then I received one of the best news of being part in this team.The first country was Greece and everything was quite fine… I appreciated the time that we spent together, the interesting informations, the places that we have visited, and the most important the people that I’ve met and their cultures, habits. I also enjoyed the weather, the activities that were full of fun and at the same time I’ve learned a lot of thinks, about a lot of gadgests that I started to use in my activity.

At the other side was Sweden with no so much sunshine, I said this because we the Romanian team we have each season and it was quite fine to handle the high temperature from Greece and the cold temperature from Sweden. Here I enjoyed the timetables,the atmosphere, the landscapes and with this project the spring in Romania has arrived and we celebrated with the traditional “Mãrțişor” and the Romanian blouse “ie”. We were surprised how many similarities are between Sweden and Romania in what concerns the seasons, the food,the habits. And I still wait to see what will happen with the other two countries.

What I enjoyed the most in this project beside what I said is the fact that I’ve met new people and that we all can meet in three years with our stories of what had happened in the meantime. It would be so much to say, pictures to remember, time to pass in order to realise the importance of this experience. The key words for this half road in what concerns me are: people, learning and changes.