Great days in Sweden, by Eric Ehses

I am very grateful for being part of the Erasmus+ project Camp Democracy in Gavleborg. I have not been part of the project from the beginning. A member of the German delegation cancelled its participation. Therefore, I decided more or less spontaneously to take this place. This was a really good decision!

I had a great week in Sweden with two challenging projects and free time in the beautiful nature of Sweden. The participants from Sweden, Greece, Romania and Germany formed a great community from the very beginning and we all worked hand in hand together. Furthermore, we enjoyed the intercultural exchange and team-building outdoor activities like ice-fishing.

In times with growing populism and renationalization, intercultural projects and Erasmus+ are becoming more important. Especially young people and the “next generation” need to stay convinced by the many advantages of the European Union and a united Europe. Strong nationalism is the reason and not the cure for many current problems all over the continent.

During the week in Gavleborg, we worked for example on some presentations and videos about “fake news”, including a guideline about how to recognize them. The atmosphere was quite focused and productive, and yet we had a lot of fun during all the time. All four cultures have some differences but we were grateful to learn from each other and to get in touch with other habits and mentalities.

Erasmus+ and projects like this are unique opportunities to visit new countries, get in touch with other cultures and meet lots of interesting people.

I look forward to continue the project in Romania and Germany.