Four Countries – Four Mentalities, by Alice Schmidt

It was a great honor and pleasure for me to take part in the ERASMUS+ Project Camp Democracy. My personal perspective was especially influenced by the different delegation’s mentalities. The participants were still very individual and had their own personality. However, all delegations had special characteristics which helped me to reflect myself and to change my view in a fruitful way.

The Swedish delegation was very reflected, harmonic, calm and serene. It was very easy for me to work with them together and to generate results. Through their continuous kindness and tolerance they contributed in very positive way to the group’s atmosphere. I learnt from them to speak in a more diplomatic way and to contain myself in some situations.

The Romanian delegation was a very interesting mixture of being disciplined but still taking part in the fun moments. They worked in a very concentrated way and helped different groups with their competences. I would sum them up with the device: Work hard and play hard. I learnt from them to make the most of a situation and to combine disciplined work with a good party time.

The Greek delegation had a great talent to change every situation to a fun one. Even if I had to do boring work with them I experienced how they changed the working time to an amusing time. Their spirit and optimism led the group to have fun and celebrate our time together. I learnt from them to enjoy every current moment in a more intense way.

All in all, every delegation had great characteristics. By bringing them all together we produced awesome results and opened new perspectives to every one of us.