Europe without phobias, by Stamatis Psaroudakis

Camp Democracy has been an incredible journey for me. As an Erasmus+ program it promotes informal education through interesting techniques. It is a diverse course with delegates from Sweden, Germany, Greece and Romania. The international team we created broke all stereotypes that exist in our societies. Together we developed projects through which we expressed our ideas in order to live in a better Europe. I was in charge of the sexual education group. Shockingly enough half of the participants, including myself, received poor sexual education. My teams’ goal was to acknowledge the existing problem in our society and share what an ideal sexual education system would look like. With the help of technology and special tools our projects are available on the web, for everyone to get inspired.

Camp Democracy is more than that. It also is a life changing experience which allows you to travel and met different cultures. The new knowledge and experience I gained changed my views on many topics. I developed the passion in engaging into the solution of European issues, which affect all of us. I had the opportunity to meet a European politician in Sweden, who made me realize why being an active European citizen is so important.  Furthermore, I also met a refugee who opened my eyes to a world I chose to ignore. Those two people truly inspired me and remind me that we are all the same. Overall, I’m truly glad to have grabbed this chance.