Building Europe together, by Marie Bornickel

When I am watching the news on TV something strange happens to me during the last months regularly. I feel frightened. I have been concerned about political topics since I attended my first social sciences class in school. But during the last month, the concerns has turned into something new. I feel kind of frightened and overwhelmed by the future, especially when it comes to international topics. Nationalists are gaining more and more power, right-winged parties pointing at their national interests and are talking about closed borders and stopping migration. Fake news is everywhere. Europe┬┤s future seems to become a dark one.

I wonder what to do to prevent the EU from getting that dark. One the one hand I feel like it couldn’t be enough to just sit and await what will come. One the other hand I feel incredible small in comparison to powerful parties and institutions. When I entered Camp Democracy, a ERASMUS+ project, I found out, that I am not the only one who feels that way. I met young people from Greece, Sweden, Germany and Romania and found out that we all worry about the same things. I remember deep discussions that were not just bounded to the working time. We were sitting around the fire place and discussing about education, political engagement and right-wing party. It turned out that it doesn’t matter if you live in the south, the north, the west or the east. Each of us has quite the same problems to face in their country (even though they are accompanied by national topics). For me personally it was extremely important to make this experience. It gives me the feeling that we all try to build a better future all together.

I feel thankful to make this experience and work together with people from different countries. I experienced different ways of thinking and working and I tried to work on different media content pages. It would love to continue working with young people from all over Europe and visit them in their home countries. For example I would like to develop an online course for political empowerment targeting to young people.